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Hoshizaki is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice makers. Our superior reliability ensures customers can depend on our ice machines day in, day out, year after year. Here are just a few reasons why…

Ice Machine Reliability

Hoshizaki is the world’s number one ice maker, with over 60 years of creating the world’s best ice. Our product engineering, manufacture quality control and quality of internal components are what make Hoshizaki ice machines the industry standard.

We are also the only Australian company in our industry to achieve three externally recognised certifications for our Quality, Safety and Environmental systems. In addition Hoshizaki Ice Makers & Storage Bins are HACCP certified.

The World’s Best Ice…

Hoshizaki ice machines consistently and reliably create better ice than any other ice makers;

  • the ice is clear and hard, not cloudy
  • the ice presents very well, particularly in spirit drinks
  • the ice has the highest displacement than any other ice
  • the ice retains its shape; the cube ice is a genuine cube
  • the crescent ice allows pouring and nipping of spirits without splash
  • the ice doesn’t bridge while in the ice storage bin
  • the ice has the slowest melt rate, because it is clear and hard

Commercial Ice Makers

Our commercial ice machines range encompasses many industrial ice makers that make different types of ice for different uses across a wide span of industry sectors. However, all our ice machines are of the high quality standard that is associated with Hoshizaki.

Models include ice makers for cube ice, cubelet ice, crescent ice, flake ice, scale ice and ice dispensers with models suitable for a small café or bar right through to large, modular, industrial ice machine models.

Ice Machine Research & Development

All ice machines are originally designed and specified by a massive Japanese Research & Development team employing over 150 engineers. The basic designs and major component parts are specified for a global market meaning that Hoshizaki ice machines will effortlessly and quickly achieve outstanding levels of efficiency in ambient temperatures of between 40ºC and 10ºC – even in humid environments.

Hoshizaki ice machine parts are precision engineered exclusively for each ice maker to further enhance the most efficient operation. Our ice storage bins are foam injected with insulated, precision made doors with gaskets to create a closed environment that minimises meltage and thus decreases the number of ice production cycles.

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